Retirement Visa Requirements

retirement visa requiremnets for thailand

If your are wanting to retire in Chiang Mai then the retirement visa is the visa you are going to need to have for this to occur. We have written about living in Chiang Mai on this website so you can see the options and what is available in Chiang Mai for you. Also noted was the options between a marriage visa and retirement visa in Thailand with regards to a Thai visa. These are the listed requirements for a Retirement Visa or AO Visa in Thailand. Rules do change so speak to a lawyer in Chiang Mai about your options and rule changes.

Retirement Visa Requirements for Thailand

  • Age of 50 years or older when you apply.
  • Thai bank account with a balance of at least 800,000 THB or a pension of 65,000 THB or a combination of both which your lawyer can calculate for you.
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Health certificate from local hospital

Financial Requirements for Thailand Retirement Visa

  1. Bank account showing THB 800,000 or
  2. Monthly pension of at least THB 65,000
  3. Combination (bank account + monthly pension x 12 = 800,000)


These are the financial requirements of the retirement visa and also the age requirements as listed. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Chiang Mai about your retirement and how best to achieve this . The visa can also be applied for while in thailand if you have another type of visa. This takes longer as the current visa needs to be converted while in Thailand. The costs are more than simply going out of the country and returning with the correct 3 month retirement visa for extension.

Speak to us today about your retirement in Chiang Mai.


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