Representative Office in Thailand

A foreign business entity may conduct non-profit oriented business activities in Thailand for its off-shore based company headquarters. What this entity does is largely for marketing purposes or to monitor the Kingdom’s economic status among other permitted activities that will be mentioned below.

This foreign business entity is called a Representative Office.

A representative office in Thailand, even in the absence of profit-oriented functions, will have to obtain a Foreign Business License before it can operate under its intended and allowed activities.

A representative office in Thailand is limited to the following activities:

  • Explore or source goods and services in Thailand for its off-shore based headquarters.
  • Inspect and control the sourced goods and services which are intended for its headquarters for quality and quantity.
  • Observe and report business activities in Thailand to its headquarters abroad.
  • Market the latest goods and services of the headquarters.
  • Provide Thai distributors and or consumers with information with regards to the headquarters’ products.

Applying for permit to establish a representative office in Thailand can be very technical for foreign companies as the conditions as well as the applicable laws set can be very confusing.

To learn more of the conditions set to establishing a Representative Office in Thailand, please contact our Thai corporate lawyers or attorneys to assist you with the legal matters when forming a representative office in Thailand.